Bonnie Dundee: Man, myth and role model

In the long story of Scotland’s history, few figures have such an iconic nom de guerre yet such little penetration of the modern Scottish psyche as Bonnie Dundee.

Hero to some, figure of hatred to others, few have suffered as much in the retelling of the story of 17th century Scotland.  Wallace and Bruce who stand undiminished as the men who preserved Scotland’s independence, owe much to the religious simplicity of a single Christian church in Scotland at the turn of the 13th century. Other icons of the long story of our history such as Mary, Queen of Scots and the Marquis of Montrose are remembered with greater controversy and confusion as a consequence of the subsequent establishment of the protestant ascendancy.

None stand today so clouded in mist, traduced by tradition, as John Graham, 1st Viscount Dundee. This blog seeks to redress this situation.

By bringing alive the man in his time, his actions and those of the people around him, with discussion and debate welcomed, a greater clarity will hopefully be achieved.


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