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12th July 1689: Opposing Forces Gather

The Battle of Killiecrankie, Bonnie Dundee’s hour of victory and death, is 15 days away. Dundee, with a Government bounty of £2000 scots on his head, is camped in Lochaber with an army of highlanders which defies accurate counting as it grows and shrinks by the day. He continues to pen voluminous correspondence to all who might be disposed to aid the King’s cause.

Colonel Alexander Cannon, with 300 Irish reinforcements, lands at Duart on Mull. A detachment whose number and martial calibre falls considerably short of the King’s Lieutenant-General’s hopes and expectations. Attacked en route this force had lost the considerable stock of victuals with which they had embarked 2 days earlier. However, they had managed to convey intact 35 barrels of powder and shot. Most likely Dundee’s preference in an either / or scenario. They have a 4 day march ahead of them before reaching Dundee’s encampment.

General Hugh MacKay, commander of the Government army which will be vanquished in a fortnight’s time, arrives in Edinburgh to make his final preparations before advancing north to meet Dundee.

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